For the Night is Dark and Full of Fun – A Game of Thrones Themed Graduation Party

For the Night is Dark and Full of Fun – A Game of Thrones Themed Graduation Party

If you are an inhabitant of the world of 2019, you surely are familiar with the world of Game of Thrones. The modern-day epic written by George R R Martin and a popular HBO show has become a dominant part of our current pop culture. And since you are a new grad, you are surely someone who is thoroughly updated with all the happenings of pop culture. And now, the month of April is certainly a crucial month of all GOT fans out there. Well, this epic show has come to an end, with the latest and the final season. So, when you are too busy wondering how the Nigh King is going to kill everyone and how the Starks and Targaryens are going to win and who is finally going to sit on the iron throne, how about channeling the tension in your graduation party too?

Yes, here, I am talking about a Game of Thrones-themed graduation party to celebrate your end of school and the first step in the real world of college. How about living the last moments of this life with the right dose of fantasy love? Let’s find out in the following points how to plan a GOT themed party for you and your friends.

Theme Inspired Décor

If you are a regular of this show, you will know about all the sigils of different houses, for example, a lion for Lannisters, Direwolf for Starks, Triple dragons for Targaryens and stag for Baratheon. So, when you are booking one of the best banquet halls in Houston, make sure you are discussing this plan with the decoration team of the venue. Ask them to arrange the flags that are pretty much available everywhere. Deck up the party venue in Houston with lots of candles and vintage looking candle stands. To bring in the chilly feeling of the north, a bit of icy décor will do. Place iron throne-like chairs to get the feeling of the king of the seven kingdoms.

Theme Inspired Food

Game of Thrones has its own spread of popular food items. So, when you are planning to have a GOT themed party, make sure you are keeping those items on the menu. For example, cookies with Milk of Poppy should be there to welcome everyone. Keep plenty of chicken in the spread just to remind your friends of Sandor Clegaen aka the Hound and Tormund. Make sure you are serving pie for dinner. After all, how well you can think of Arya Stark if not serving the pie. When you are planning the menu, make sure you are discussing it well with the team of caterers of the banquet hall in Houston you are booking.

Theme Inspired Color Palette

Game of Thrones is known for the rich color palette that signifies different houses. For example, when red stands for Lannisters, Golden signifies Dorne. When black goes for Night’s Watch, Blue with Golden tinge go for Tyrells. So, you can easily think of using these colors in the party décor of the banquet hall in Houston. Go for table spreads and linen in these colors. If you want to introduce a dress code, use these colors when you are thinking of a dress code. Tell your friends to go for velvet, hard wool or leather that will go for Lannisters, Stark and Dothraki. Or if it is summer in your city, net and sheer will do well just like Dorne and Kings Landing.

So, now as you know about planning a Game of Thrones-themed party, what are you waiting for? Start looking for the best party venues in Houston today and execute the plan. Just make sure that the night becomes full of fun and celebration.

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